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What is Beauty?

"Seek beauty, reach boldly, touch your destiny..." Brian jc

"First Blog" Brian jc


  We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. TECHNIQUE serves as one healthy "step forward" in my beauty journey.  It is a place to express my passions, and to listen to the passions of others.  A full life is never an isolated life but one lived in a context and community of other lives around me. 

  What are your passions?  Are you taking a step forward ?  Is your context and community adding fullness or emptiness to your life?

  Let us add some "fullness" to your Journey at TECHNIQUE...blessings, Brian jc

"A psychedelic roller coaster" -

The Tone Mag


"This album will keep fans guessing" - NMG


Review: 4 Stars

for the new EP

"Army of Creative" 


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